SoundBlaster Live! module in 2.3.x kernels does not work

Ferdinand Prantl (
Thu, 25 Nov 1999 10:59:42 +0100

Hi guys,

I'm using happily emu10k1 driver with 2.2.13 kernel not meeting
any problems. To have my ATI Rage 128 graphic supported I changed
for 2.3.29 kernel (new framebuffer). I tried binary module from
Creative web and then I compiled the newer one from the sources
got from that web too. Both modules when loaded
by "insmod emu10k1 -f" produce following error messages:

/lib/modules/2.3.29/misc/emu10k1.o: unresolved symbol request_region
/lib/modules/2.3.29/misc/emu10k1.o: unresolved symbol release_region
/lib/modules/2.3.29/misc/emu10k1.o: unresolved symbol __get_free_pages
/lib/modules/2.3.29/misc/emu10k1.o: unresolved symbol free_pages
/lib/modules/2.3.29/misc/emu10k1.o: unresolved symbol check_region

I tried to grep kernel sources but haven't a clue about
the solution. Everything goes well on 2.2.13, anyway.
I could live with aty128fv patch for 2.2.x too :-)))
I simply want to have sound and good refresh at the same time...

Thanks for your tips,

Ferda Prantl


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