Re: 2.3.24 patch and kernel for ppc

Martin Costabel (
Wed, 03 Nov 1999 01:47:55 +0100

Ani Joshi wrote:
> attached you will find a patch against a vanilla (linus) 2.3.24
> kernel, which should fix some of the outstanding problems with 2.3 on ppc.
> You can also find the patch along with a 2.3.24 kernel at:

> o fs/hfs/file.c
> removed update_vm_cache() which is *still* in there (!)
> and yes, doing simply this *does* work on my system,
> no HFS problems at all so far


sorry to repeat this, but HFS is not safe. I just tried your 2.3.24
kernel, and it booted on my Pmac 6400 (603ev processor, maybe this is
the problem), which is more than I can say about the 2.3.24 kernels I
compiled myself (it would be nice to see your .config file).

When I mounted a HFS ZIP disk, I could read it OK, but copying a 2MB
file to it gave me an immediate system freeze with a 1-line error
message "inode.c:250". The ZIP disk is unreadable now and has to be
reformatted. This kind of thing happened before with 2.3.22 kernels. I'd
like to try 2.3.25, but with all this undefined vm_offset stuff all over
the place it is so horribly broken that I am unable to compile it.


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