porting cipe from 2.2.x to 2.3.x (questions on net changes)

Trever Adams (trever_Adams@bigfoot.com)
Tue, 02 Nov 1999 17:39:31 -0700

>From 2.2.x to 2.3.x in the ipip.c driver (which I hear cipe was
originally based on) I see changes. I see __dev_get_by_index and
__dev_get_by_name. I am not sure I totally understand what they do and
if they are needed (cipe doesn't use the older ones currently).

I see the addition of dev_put. I have NO clue what it does even though
I have looked at the source.

The final question concerning the kernel is, how do you know when to do
things like this:

Like ipip.c in 2.2.x, cipe doesn't use those at all. I would like to
help make it more smp aware. If I could have the functions above
described to me, a brief description of how and when to use the spin
locks, and any other info I might not know I need, I would GREATLY
appreciate it.

I am doing this port because Olaf Titz seems to either have lost
interest in the project or is too busy (I am assuming the latter). I am
_NOT_ opting to be the maintainer. I just need cipe with 2.3.x (it is
far faster and more stable over all for me on many machines than
2.2.x). I will be sending my patch to him unless there are legal

Legalities: Is there any thing wrong with me sending patches to him if
there is NO crypto and NO crypto hooks (hoping to remove all references,
even if it makes the patch only appliable by hand)? I am a US citizen
living inside the US.

Forgot about these:

RTNL: assertion failed at devinet.c(784):inetdev_event
RTNL: assertion failed at devinet.c(165):inetdev_destroy
RTNL: assertion failed at igmp.c(578):ip_mc_destroy_dev
RTNL: assertion failed at devinet.c(209):inet_del_ifa

What do those mean? I have a cipe that seems to work up with 2.3.x.
That happens on the removal of the cipe module. Similar happen on
insert of the module (first one is line 786 I think). What do I need to
do to fix this?

Trever Adams

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