Re: People need to say "no"

Jim Nance (
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 14:47:06 -0500

Hello All,
Larry raised some good points in his post. From a technical viewpoint
I think he is right on the money. I would like to make a few observations
from a non-technical point of view.
As Larry has said in other emails, there is a big difference between saying
"This is a stupid idea" and "You are a stupid person." This is certainly
true. In spite of this, most people feel personally attacked when you attack
their ideas. It is a rare person who has both the technical knowledge to know
what is a bad idea and the ability and desire to express this in a way which
does not offend the person with the idea. If we can find such a person,
they would be an invaluable asset to us, both from the standpoint of having
a better kernel, and making it more fun to work on. The last thing we want
to do is to scare off potential new kernel developers when we criticize their
On a sort of related note, I think that Linux has been successful not
because Linus Torvalds is brilliant but because he has a personality that
makes it easy for other people to work with him. Fortunately Alan Cox,
Linus'es heir apparent, also seems to be easy to work with. I think that
will keep Linux development enjoyable for a long time.

Thanks for listening,


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