Is NFS Broken?

Jon (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 21:15:09 -0800

I am running kernel 2.2.2 on my server computer and 2.2.1on my client
I NFS Mounted the servers root partition from the client to /mnt/nfs,
while it was mounting, I got a bunch of messages about rpc errors and
something about it lying? on the client, Sorry about the vagueness of of
that but I couldn't save the error.
It mounted the servers export and I tried to verify that the export was
writable to the client. so, from the client I typed " echo hi >ho" on
the servers' exported filesystem.
the server OOPSed , the oops is attached,
it didn't lock up, just gave me a dirty oops message.
the funny thing is that when I attempted to unmount from the server, the
client oopsed too. but I couldn't save that oops since the client was
set to run from a initrd.
I'm just wondering if the NetFS is usable right now.
If it isn't usable at the moment, what would be a good alternative,
Network Block Device?


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