Re: Intel's Extended Server Memory Architecture ? (fwd)

Ryan M. Hager (
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 20:44:22 -0500

A few ideas about this technique for memory access.

First, I think whom ever said it was for NT was probably Right. Here is
where I thinnk it would be useful.

In customer sites for the company I work for, we setup ram disks for the log
files for SQL. Also, we lock down ram for SQL. This is because when the
system is getting hammered, the disk writes to the log file are not the
bottel neck. Also, most sites that run with massive amounts of memory are
running databases. I don't mean to leave out people running simulations,
but most of those people are not going to choose this method for memory. I
think if we allow certian processes to go into "extra" memory, we would
satisfy the people that would criticize lack of support for this technology.

All we have to say is that is what you are doing in NT.

Ryan M. Hager

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