Re: SV: Upgraded to 2.1.107 ... almost succesfully.

Alex Buell (
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 16:50:57 +0000

Brian Schau wrote:

> > --- thought so. I am searching for a suitable rpm-archive. I've
> > been rejected by redhats ftp-server due to high load. I will try one
> > of their mirrors.

Try (look in the v2.1 tree for modutils).

> > --- I certainly don't want to do that! ;o) The machine is (now) a
> > Quad PPro ...

DUH! Heh. In that case, don't worry about the APIC stuff. It's just
Linux's attempt at fixing the problem it's found with your APIC, seems
to have been successful in fixing it. You might like to bug your
motherboard supplier about it. :o)


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