Kevin Fenzi (
06 Jul 1998 09:40:22 -0600

Hi everyone.

I finally got my mac back on line last night, and ran into two things
in it's interaction with my linux boxen:

1. Appletalk under 2.1.108 (and for a while before that) says:

SO_BROADCAST: Fix your netatalk as it will break before 2.2

Is anyone working on fixing netatalk? Is this an easy fix? hard?

2. I couldn't get my mac to see the printers/filesystems on either of
my linux boxes. They wouldn't see each other with an nbplkup
either. I poked around on the netatalk faq-o-matic and noticed a
article about allmulti and ethernet cards. Sure enough, when I do a
"ifconfig eth0 allmulti" then start atalk, then "ifconfig eth0
-allmulti" it works fine. The mac and the two linux boxen can see
each other and all is working. If I boot under 2.0.34, it all works
without the allmulti. Any idea what is going on here? Something
that can be changed in netatalk? something that needs to be changed
in the kernel? Is this particule to some ethernet cards? I have
generic crummy ne2k's in both my linux boxes.

No big show stoppers, just thought I would bring them to everyones


Kevin Fenzi

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