At last: 2.1.108ac1

Alan Cox (
Mon, 6 Jul 98 16:15 BST

Ok it took a bit longer than I'd like but with Geerts patches my consoles
work again so here is 2.1.108ac1

Differences versus Linus 2.1.108

o Loop device supports sparse backing files
o Builds uniprocessor by default (my SMP box is in bits right now ;))
o Geerts console changes
o Small bttv clean ups
o i2c initialises tuner/mscp when non modular
o Bill Hawes n_tty patches
o Better aimslab radio handling
o Zoltrix radio card driver
o The old misc device radio driver is dead and gone
o Bill Hawes selection fixes
o Videodev is kmod friendly
o Parport /proc has locking
o Space.c clean up - phase I
o BPQether bug fixed in one direction. Other to go
o IBM tr updates
o Appletalk doesnt trash the packet to sniffers. Note the header
name changes in struct ddp will go away very soon.
o More __initfunc usage
o AD1848 oops on load fixed
o DMAbuf restore_flags fix
o ES1370/1371 driver
o S3 SonicVibes driver
o OPTI 82C924 supported in PnP mode
o Turtle Beach Multisound
o Turtle Beach Pinnacle
o PAS symphony and broken bus clock are now module settings
o PSS mixer volume fixes
o Non OSS drivers work non modular
o UART401/sb hang fix
o Split file tables (large number of file handles per process)
o Bitops dont leak into libc5 space and cause problems
o IPX over token ring cleaned up
o Junk netbeui.h header trashed
o Module symbol cleanups when requesting a symbol
o AARP probe timeouts
o SO_RCVBUF/SNDBUF use the bounding values as 'nearest option' instead
of ignoring the change request
o netlink/econet invalid vectors
o NFS permission handling fix
o X25 neighbour handling fixes
o Lxdialog changed around a bit

And no I didnt write all the above, not even a tiny percentage 8)

Its on

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