Re: [EXAMPLE-PATCH] /proc/config

Martin Mares (
Sat, 30 May 1998 18:34:07 +0200


> You might not have the kernel image, because you got it over the
> network. Or you might have several, but are not sure which was
> one corresponds to the running kernel.

Well, you could solve it by having a kernel checksum (MD5?) compiled
in and just comparing the checksums to be sure what kernel are you

> > doesn't eat up precious kilobytes of kernel space.
> C'mon give the guy who implemented this a break.
> FYI, on my .config
> grep -v '^#' .config | gzip | wc -c
> gives 483. Add a couples of bytes for the code that implements
> /proc/config. And of course you could make it an option.

I don't expect /proc/config to give _gzipped_ answer, so you either have
to include ungzip code in the kernel or you cannot have the data compressed
in memory. _Runtime_ size of the kernel is more important than the on-disk

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