Reboot problem in 2.1.99 w/ ASUS P/I-486SP3G

John Zielinski (
Sun, 03 May 1998 21:03:02 -0400

I've just installed Linux a couple of weeks ago and already I'm delving
into the kernel code. :)

When I switched from 2.0.33 to 2.1.99, my machine would now hang when
rebooting and the
and I'd get a CMOS checksum error after hitting the reset button. I
compared the code and
found that the for timing loop was replaced by udelay. On my slow
machine the for loop
actually took longer than the the delay function.

Can you change the delay in machine_restart in process.c from 10 to 20?
It's the one before
the outb finction:

outb(0xfe,0x64); /* pulse reset low */

I have a 486DX4-100 in an ASUS P/I-486SP3G motherboard. As for the CMOS
getting trashed,
I think it may be a MB defect as it happend before under other OSes when
the machine didn't
reboot properly. Anyone else have a similar problem?


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