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Robert HYATT (
Sun, 3 May 1998 09:53:37 -0500 (CDT)

On Sun, 3 May 1998, root wrote:

> I had this e-mail exchange with a vendor in a hardware newsgroup-- but
> it was a group about ASUS motherboards, not CPUs or linux. Since this
> sounded far too good, I am wondering if anyone can confirm or deny the
> numbers here [`me' is myself speaking, `him' is Rick Lindsay, a vendor
> of decent reputation on the net].
> him1: Complete Linux kernel compile times:
> him1: Dual P2-300, 64mb SDRAM, 75 seconds
> him1: Dual PPro166/512, 64mb EDO, 45 seconds
> me2- Eh, I am shocked. *45* seconds!! What kind of setup are you using,
> me2- Rick? I ran a compile of the Linux 2.1.98 kernel on a machine withg
> me2- PPro 166/512s in a SuperMicro P6DNE, a SCSI-II 7200rpm disk, and 192MB
> me2- in EDO SIMMs [using BIOS memory settings of 60ns, speculative reads on
> me2- and PCI posting on]. I used make -j bzlilo which took a total of six
> me2- minutes to finish. What version of kernel and which compiler are you
> me2- fielding over there?! And more importantly, are you fielding Cheetah
> me2- RAID-5's on a AHA2940U2W?

sounds *too* good. I use "make -j install" all the time on my 4-processor
pentium pro 200mhz machine from ALR. It takes exactly 3 minutes to
complete. No way a dual is going to run in 1/4th that time...

I also had, until about 2 weeks ago, a dual PII/300, and it was slower
than my quad-pro machine.

> him2: Just an IDE drive, but with multithreading enabled...
> me1- [I am about to put together a dual PPro166/512 box with the 256MB
> me1- of main memory in a SuperMicro P6DOF board [Orion chipset, the
> me1- 4-way interleaved memory.]
> him1: The P2 is designed to run Windows 95, not a full 32 bit OS like Unix
> him1: or NT, conversely a PPro runs '95 rather poorly.

this is nuts. The PII is the same architecture as the Ppro, except that
the L2 cache is not as fast. The Pro runs the L2 at 200mhz, the PII/300
(or any PII) runs the L2 at clock/2. But internally they look the
same, at least according to the stack of manuals I have from each,
published by intel. The PII's do have the mmx stuff, but that doesn't
do a thing at present...

> me2- ... you think that Dual PPro166's are a good investment if they can
> me2- be had? I still see plenty of Tyan Titan Pro's [the baby-AT S1662 or
> me2- the ATX S1668] and PPro166's for sale at $170 per. PPro180s [retail]
> me2- can even be had at $170 [I assume you don't think much of them].
> him2: The only PPro to get is with 512k cache, 166/512's are hard to find,
> him2: but inexpensive when you do ... some we got had been remarked to
> him2: 200/512, but were really 166/512s..
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