Re: floppy in 2.1.99

Charles Shannon Hendrix (
Sat, 02 May 1998 12:52:45 -0300

In message <>, MOLN
AR Ingo writes:

> On Sat, 2 May 1998, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
> > My system dies booting 2.1.99 right after the floppy init message.
> > I thought that was fixed in 2.1.99?
> your system has one known MP-BIOS bug, the BIOS creates such IRQ MP-table
> entries on your board:
> I/O Ints: Type Polarity Trigger Bus ID IRQ
> INT active-hi level 1 6
> such 'active-hi+level' IRQs are illegal, the only allowed combinations are
> these:
> INT active-hi edge 1 1 [ISA IRQ]
> INT active-lo level 0 7:D [PCI IRQ]
> io-apic-patch-2.1.97-A (attached) works this around (without affecting
> working boards), but it's not included in 2.1.99 yet. Yes it generates
> some nasty flood of bootup messages, but the problem is nasty too ...

OK, I thought those patches were in 2.1.99, thanks.

> [i think this is the only known outstanding problem with your system, can
> you confirm that this fixes the floppy hang?]

Yes and no.

Yes, the floppy problems seems to have gone away, and I'm running
2.1.99 right now.

However, I still lose my SCSI tape drive after using it briefly.

In the past, this was followed soon after by loads of processes stuck
in the driver and the system dies.

Seems there are still some outstanding SCSI troubles but it looks
like the broken BIOS and hardware troubles are OK now.

Anyway, hopefully the system will run long enough to send this... :)

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