Re: Undefined symbol in sg.o compiled as a module in 2.1.99pre1

Francisco Rodrigo Escobedo Robles (
Sat, 02 May 1998 12:18:22 +0000

> The floppy works again, but you don't get the right dependances when
> compiled sg as a module, just a trivial change to scsi_syms.c and
> it works again. It seems someone forgot something.... :)
> Just apply this patch in the drivers/scsi directory:
> --- scsi_syms.c.old Tue Apr 28 12:34:05 1998
> +++ scsi_syms.c Tue Apr 28 12:34:08 1998

It seems that 2.1.99 lacks this, too. Fortunately, the patch works like a
charm. ¡Gracias! (Spanish for "Thanks!").

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