RE: 2.1.99 Netscape Death

Sid Boyce (
Fri, 01 May 1998 22:16:33 +0000

I had this problem with 2.1.97, then it went away with 2.1.98 and is back again
with 2.1.99, but more severe, this time it happened today while I was using
The hard disk keeps thrashing and everything slows down, then the keyboard and
mouse are locked out, telnet sessions from the other machine can't get in
With 2.1.97 it used to happen if I left the machine unattended for some hours
with netscape up, take netscape down before going out the door and it would be
fine when I came back even late in the evening.
I didn't do any straces, it died about half an hour after booting 2.1.99 and I
needed to get some emails urgently. I'm back on 2.1.98 and OK.
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