Re: Version control stuff

Matthias Urlichs (
1 May 1998 21:55:30 +0200

Linus Torvalds <> writes:
> CVS does _not_ support having separate branches very well. There is
> support for branching, but it is by no means very good or very easy to
> use.
Right. I gave up after I had, for the umpteenth time, a file in a branch
which I then tried adding independently in the main tree. Ugh.

Look at PRCS for something that makes working with branches so easy it's
ridiculous. (Unfortunately, PRCS doesn't do networked operation yet;
they're working on it, though.) On the up side, PRCS can rename files,
albeit a bit clumsily.

> It is non-trivial to get _only_ the changes that correspond to a certain
> series of commits, and to leave out the changes that everybody else have
> been doing. At least I haven't found anything to do anything like that.

So, if you want change a->b and c->d, you'll have to ask CVS for a diff of
c->d, apply that to b, fix all the conflicts and other ambiguitites (which
is the difficult part), and then diff the result against a.

The real way to do this seems to be to put all these commits into their
own branch. Unfortunately this isn't easy, especially if the diffs start
depending on whatever happens to the rest of the kernel.

Matthias Urlichs
noris network GmbH

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