Re: Ignore my former reports - I compiled with 2.0.32 include/linux and include/asm!

Matthias Urlichs (
1 May 1998 21:55:13 +0200

Kurt Garloff <> writes:
> There's another issue, though:
> When compiling the _libc_ or _glibc_, you should be sure to have the
> /usr/include/linux and asm pointing to the correct kernel directories.
> The syscalls new to 2.1 or the ones changed from 2.0 might not be used
> properly otherwise.

For glibc 2.0.9x.current (i.e., the development release), you definitely
should use the 2.1.xx kernel headers. It'll work perfectly with 2.0 kernels.
The other way round, your glibc will not be able to take advantage of 2.1
features (like RT signals, important for pthreads) if you then boot a 2.1

Matthias Urlichs
noris network GmbH

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