Re: CDROM jukebox filesystem using autofs

Aaron Passey (
1 May 1998 17:26:54 GMT

On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, James Mastros <> wrote:
>Probably, it would be best to make a driver (similar to loop) with a
>number of minors equal to the number of CDs you will support. Make each
>CD it's own device, and then the user can mount them normaly.

Well, the problem with this scheme is that the jukebox I am working on
has hundreds of CDs so taking into account partitions on CDs would mean
thousands of minors. This is not reasonable with our current dev_t. It could
work with devfs or a larger dev_t, I guess. It still seems like representing
this jukebox as thousands of files in /dev is messy at best.

>Perhaps you should mount each CD, then make a httpfs (/w userfs, probably)
>that reads through a squid cache? That way, you can easily (?) steal
>(umm... leverage) existing cache logic, and, additionaly, make the
>cd jukebox and the caching code independant of each other.

Jeez, I hope you're kidding. :)

>It might be if you remove the code to not swap out data that we can
>re-read from disk. Also, in your example, you would probably be able to
>keep the RedHat CD in one drive -- if everybody's upgrading, they probably
>aren't going to be playing mp3s off of the NFS server. <G>

For performance reasons, we would probably want to cache the disk even
if we have a free drive.


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