Re: varlinks

Roger Espel Llima (
Fri, 1 May 1998 17:58:03 +0200

> From: "Khimenko Victor" <>
> RW> If the length is a problem, I'm sure a quick...
> RW>
> RW> Q> ln -s /proc/varlink /vl
> RW>
> RW> ...would soon cure that...
> RW>
> I am not know about how this is could be done, but in simplest possible
> realisation this will not work. The idea is that symlink must start from
> exactly following 14 bytes: 2F 70 72 6F 63 2F 76 61 72 6C 69 6E 6B 2F
> and this prefix will be stripped out before varlink expansion...

That sounds like a good reason not to do it this way. I don't think we
should have files (or directories) that can't be symlinked to.

Roger Espel Llima,

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