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7 Mar 1998 05:15:41 GMT

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By author: Sascha Ziemann <>
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> Hi,
> it is possible to put a EXT2 filesystem on a CD in order to use it as an
> read only root filesystem. This requires a boot floppy, which holds the
> kernel. The only way to avoid such a floppy is to create a bootable CD.
> El Torito is the name for a standard to boot CDs. It is about 20 pages
> and you can find it at
> The problem with El Torito is that it was designed to be compatible with
> ISO9660 and not with EXT2 (must be some kind of bug ;-). In order to be
> able to boot directly a EXT2-CD, the EXT2 format needs some changes.
> Those parts need to be left untouched by the EXT2, where the BIOS
> expects the El Torito information.
> Now my question: Is here anybody who is able and interested in extending
> the EXT2 filesystem to be able to create bootable EXT2 CDs?
> Please tell me, when you think, that I am totally wrong and that the
> idea of a bootable EXT2 CD is complete nonsens. I don't know much about
> EXT2 and bootable CDs.

Why not simply boot with an ISO 9660/RockRidge filesystem as root?
Unlike some other operating system, Linux can use an ISO 9660
filesystem as root with no problems...


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