Merging EXT2 and El Torito

Sascha Ziemann (
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 20:42:39 +0100


it is possible to put a EXT2 filesystem on a CD in order to use it as an
read only root filesystem. This requires a boot floppy, which holds the
kernel. The only way to avoid such a floppy is to create a bootable CD.

El Torito is the name for a standard to boot CDs. It is about 20 pages
and you can find it at

The problem with El Torito is that it was designed to be compatible with
ISO9660 and not with EXT2 (must be some kind of bug ;-). In order to be
able to boot directly a EXT2-CD, the EXT2 format needs some changes.
Those parts need to be left untouched by the EXT2, where the BIOS
expects the El Torito information.

Now my question: Is here anybody who is able and interested in extending
the EXT2 filesystem to be able to create bootable EXT2 CDs?

Please tell me, when you think, that I am totally wrong and that the
idea of a bootable EXT2 CD is complete nonsens. I don't know much about
EXT2 and bootable CDs.


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