Re: NFSD problems [ long ]

Bill Hawes (
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 12:40:22 -0500

Erwin J. van Eijk wrote:

> If I try to mount from the server, it times out, while the server
> produces the following message:
> Mar 6 13:41:03 tommie kernel: nfsd: unauthenticated request from (8259b566:1694)
> If I execute a exportfs client:/fs it works.

> Any fixes possible? The 'easy' way would be to special case the null
> call. I know it would introduce a portscanning problem, but I could
> care less in this case.... However, I feel a little to uncomfy with
> the nfsd code to hack it myself.

Hi Erwin,

Thanks for your continued help in testing nfsd. If I understand your problem
report correctly, you're proposing that a null rpc call be used to register a
currently unregistered client? If so, it sounds like a reasonable idea, though
possibly a security risk in some environments.

I've CC'd this to Olaf Kirch, as I'd like to hear his comments before proceeding
with any changes.


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