Re: NFSD problems [ long ]

Erwin J. van Eijk (
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 22:53:47 +0100

Hi Bill (and Olaf)

>Thanks for your continued help in testing nfsd. If I understand your problem
>report correctly, you're proposing that a null rpc call be used to register a
>currently unregistered client? If so, it sounds like a reasonable idea,
>possibly a security risk in some environments.

At least, that's what nsf-2.2B29 is doing at the moment. But your right about
the security issues involved. My first preference would be to patch (or ditch)
Ultrix, but for various reasons that's not a real possibility.

Maybe my proposed 'fix/enhancemant' can be made a export time option, more or
less like the root_squash options.

>I've CC'd this to Olaf Kirch, as I'd like to hear his comments before
>with any changes.



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