Re: 2.0.29/ISS (Replacement for 2.0.33)

Keith Rowland (
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 05:35:17 -0700

David S. Miller wrote:
> If patch-2.0.29-ISS. starts locking up, we'll know more data for
> the debugging group.
> Not really, because 31/32/33 fixed critical bugs in the ISS code,
> all of which are not present in the 2.0.29-ISS patch.

Ok, well then what do you recommend now? Straight 2.0.29 or 2.0.29 with
all the patches? At some point, the lockup bug will creep in.

Is it ISS? Is it the patches? Does 31 work and 33 not? Would you like me
to start with 2.0.29 ISS and everytime it locks up, add one more patch?
(See ya next year!)

Oh Brother! I'm working on my 5th system. It's the hardware from the
first system, with a new hard drive and fresh reload of RedHat 4.2, and
kernel 2.0.33. The only patching I did, was the patches to increases
MAX_FILES and NR_FILES and such to increase some limits for heavy use
web sites. If you need the exact changes I can supply them. Although a
previuos 2.0.33 locked up withput these changes.


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