2.0.29/ISS (Replacement for 2.0.33)

Keith Rowland (keithr@primenet.com)
Wed, 04 Mar 1998 18:03:51 -0700

Hello David Miller,

Forgive me for posting this to the LinuxKernel List also.

Many people are having system lockups with 2.0.30[1,2,3,4] kernels. It
has been suggested on the Linux-Kernel List, that we all revert back to
2.0.29, because no one can find the problem.

If you are aware of this, I'd like to know if you know if your 2.0.29
ISS patches ALSO lock up, or are they known to be stable??

We suspect that maybe the ISS patches that were included in the 2.0.30
kernel distribution, may be the cause of the mysterious lockups.

If you can assure us that the ISS patched 2.0.29 kernel is rock solid,
like all previous version of Linux... I'd like to ask you where we can
download your 2.0.29-ISS patched kernel source, or the ISS patches

I run a large web site and can use all the speed enhancements that come
with ISS, but I can't take the system lockups. If your experience is
that the ISS patches ARE the problem, maybe you could join in to help
resolve the matter.

There are MANY of us willing to do as much as we can to help, but we are
not knowledgable enough in debugging the kernel to fix this on our own,
and the people that are working on the current kernel are too busy with
other more important issues. Although I think leaving Linux unstable
will ultimately HURT the Linux reputation.

What say you David, can you help??

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