Re: Strange hangs (me too!!!)

Guest section DW (
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 10:13:31 +0100 (MET)

: From: Ben Pfaff <>

: At crash time, I was doing a recursive diff between a CD I've read after I
: burned it, and the original source directory. Since it was wait time, I
: decided to start the X server, just to do some surfing while I was idle.
: Stop. No messages logged. If that helps, I've loaded a modularized sr_mod
: driver for the SCSI CD.

: I get this sort of crash once every 20 or so times I start the
: Millenium II X server, both the official XFree86 version and the XSuSE
: version. It doesn't matter what I'm doing at the time, apparently.

: I've reported this to the XFree86 people but they apparently ignored
: the report.

This may be a hardware problem, and not something that XFree86 people
are to blame for. I used to have the same problem (once in ten times,
starting X would hang the machine; keyboard dead; often access via
serial line or ethernet was still possible).
Now, with different video card and motherboard, but the same X server
and the same monitor, the problem has gone away.
One could speculate that changing video mode generates a lot of
electromagnetic noise, and that this might trip marginal hardware.

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