Strange hangs (me too!!!)

Lorenzo M. Catucci (
Thu, 5 Mar 1998 10:04:46 +0100 (CET)

If this can be of some use, here is the manual log of my very first
spontaneous hang with 2.0.33:
Linux argon 2.0.33 #1 Thu Dec 18 11:28:22 CET 1997 i586 unknown

Pentium 200 MMX
Adaptect 2940
Matrox Millenium II
SCSI DAT: Sony SDT-S7000
Yamaha CD-W: CDE 102
IDE HD: Fujitsu MPA 3035 AT
48 M of ECC corrected dram
512 K of cache static RAM
No syn/rst cookies in the kernel (and no network traffic at crash

At crash time, I was doing a recursive diff between a CD I've read after I
burned it, and the original source directory. Since it was wait time, I
decided to start the X server, just to do some surfing while I was idle.
Stop. No messages logged. If that helps, I've loaded a modularized sr_mod
driver for the SCSI CD.



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