mouse noise speculation - sound card related

David L. Parsley (
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 03:22:52 +0000

I, too, have had trouble with extraneous noise from my Linux box while
moving the mouse. I noted that, with no sound driver, no problem. I
also noted that under Win95, no problem. My speculation: I assume that
the sound card is picking up some electrical noise; so why no noise
under W95? Is it possible that Win95 keeps the output levels at 0
untill you actually play a sound, then brings them up to whatever you
have set for the duration of the sound? Then of course, while a sound
is being played, you probably wouldn't notice a little noise in the
background. If this isn't what happens, it seems like a good idea for a
userspace sound API.

Just a little speculation. I haven't experimented with this, but
thought the idea might ring bells for somebody.

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David L. Parsley
City of Salem Schools

> Any chance to fix this ? I need threads and file locking.
Yes, excellent chances of getting it fixed -- this is Linux.

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