Re: Sporadious hang on 2.0.3[0,1,2,3,4pre2]

G. Sumner Hayes (
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 00:18:07 -0500

Daniel Ryde <> wrote:
> Here are some observations of mine:
> We have many servers here running 2.0.3x kernels. Most of these don't have
> any problems at all, it is very seldom these hangs, even those under heavy
> load. Exept all the terminal servers.
> The difference between these is:
> They mostly run ppp, sometimes slip
> They use many serial ports
> They do "slow" forwarding
> They handle alot of interrups
> If I compare this to the other people who have problems, I can only think
> of the massive amount of interrupts. Here are two examples:


> Is there anyone that have much less amount of interrupts, but still
> experience these hangs?

Yes. Very few interrupts here, mysterious hangs under 2.0.33 and pre-34.


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