Re: Sporadious hang on 2.0.3[0,1,2,3,4pre2]

Keith Rowland (
Wed, 04 Mar 1998 03:08:28 -0700

Daniel Ryde wrote:
> I have several "nightmare" hangs (total freeze, dead keyboard, ither
> black or freezed normal screen) on six dial-in terminalservers here. It
> has been like this since I left kernel 2.0.29. It can happen once a month
> up to twice a day, under low loadavg, from a few users up to 25 users.
> Nothing in the logs whatsoever.

Welcome to the club Daniel. There are many of us who have this unstable
stable release. I have a high volume web server, actually 4 different
ones, that ALL exhibit this behavior. Let me assure you, it is nothing
that you are doing specifically. It is something either in the kernel or
some common configuration or user program.

I have been fighting this for 3 months. Initially I thought it was
something I did and have not been able to figure out anything that I am
doing wrong and have given up the fight to those better than I.

So I posted my complete report and even sent my config file to someone
who was collecting them. At this point in time, NO ONE has addressed any
possible fix for this. Even though we all know it started with 2.0.30
and is still in all newer versions.

I joined this list, in an effort to work with the kernel developers in
resolving this. It appears there is no one willing to work on 2.0 series
anymore, nor willing to make Linux stable once again. They are all busy
working on 2.1.x kernels, which may or may not have the same problem. I
realize it is difficult to track down a intermittent problem, but I
though if we had enough people, we could all pool our collective

I'm afraid I'm going to probably unsub from the list and will be forced
to go back to 2.0.29 or even switch OSes. For once when Linux was the
most stable OS in my arsenal, it has swerved into the abiss with other
unstables OSes.

Have I shamed anyone into trying to fix this?? I'll even put up a

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