printk in nr_files == max_files, nr_inodes == max_inodes

Pavel Krauz (
Wed, 4 Mar 1998 11:47:29 +0100 (MET)

Hi all

I am running host which serves 50 users through samba, pop, sendmail,
WWW, etc.

Recently I run out off max_files and max_inodes. I noticed that some
program stoped working. At first I didn't know what happend but
then I found that the problem was that the NR_INODE and NR_FILE was to

I think that printk should notice you when you run into this problem
because if you forget to increase them processes start to die with no
particular reason (programs are badly written - in my case the pop server
stoped responding to user requests) and kernel won't inform you.

Be careful when you add the printk. Jiffies counter should be observed in
the way that you avoid the printk storm when nr_files == max_files or if
nr_files come close to max_files.

with regards
Pavel Krauz <>
Please reply personaly if you want to.

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