Re: Important: fs corruption with 2.0.33 and removable media

Richard Waltham (
Tue, 3 Mar 1998 20:12:48 +0000 (GMT) wrote:
> There is a very disastrous bug in 2.0.33 (untested with 2.1.x):
> The disc change detection with removable media is not 100% working !
> This has a destroying effect if your computer has enough RAM for caching.
> [tested... :-(((( ]
> Please test the following with your hardware: (reproduce able for me)
> -mount the media and unmount it
> -eject the media
> -insert another media
> -wait ~ 30 min. without doing anything at your computer (important !)
> -mount this media (better mount it ro for safety !)
> -no disc change detection.... (look at the kernel logs)
> It looks like the disc change has been forgotten in these 30 min.
> The disc change detection works normal if the change and mount happens within
> less time.
> The hardware: Fujitsu M2512A2 (230MB MO Drive & 230MB Media)
> ncr53c825 SCSI interface (with Gerard Roudier's driver)
> Is this reproduce able by other people ?
> Is there any possibility to fix this bug inside the kernel ?
> E.g. test every minute for disc change detection ?

No problem here - but I'm not using an M2512A. Using an Iomega jaz shows no
problems trying the above. Also using ncr53c8xx driver;)

Disk change is dependent on the drive reporting that the media has changed
when it gets a SCSI command to do something. Its not something that the
kernel keeps a track of.

Is your drive set to automatically spin down? I have tried one of these
drives (a really old one) on this machine but cannot remember if it's always
set to automatically spin down or whether it is set by one of the switches.

Could this be a bug in the drive firmware? eg remove media, load new, let it
sit for sometime - maybe drive spins down and forgets disk change - mount
new media, spins up and no disk change notification.

This really sounds like a drive problem even if it is not set to spin down.
It is the drives job to say the media has changed.

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