2.0.34pre2 bugs

Ian Eure (ieure@peninsula.wednet.edu)
Wed, 04 Mar 1998 00:14:25 -0800

found a couple bugs this weekend...
first, the scsi emulation support for my HP CD-Writer+ 7110i seems
broken; I can read raw audio tracks fine without the scsi emulation, but
when it's turned on, all I get are NULLs. Very irritating to dupe an
audio cd, as I have to boot a kernel with the standard ATAPI driver to
read, and the scsi emulation driver to write it :)
the other bug also has to do with raw audio reading. It seems like I get
i/o errors at the very end of the last track when I use cdda2wav (.8 or
something) to read the whole cd. I found a patch on LinuxHQ against
2.0.30; any ideas why this wasn't included with 2.0.31+?

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