Re: MacOS file system ?

Joe Pranevich (
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 10:21:56 -0500

Gerhard Fuellgrabe wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm using kernel 2.0.33 at the present time, and I often exchange
> ZIP disks with our local newspaper editors. They are using Power
> Macs, and the disks I receive from them contain crippled file-
> names but a resource.frk directory. It would be very interesting
> to have the zip disks read/writeable with the MacOS fs. Will that
> be supported in the near future?

Not on any 2.0 kernel.

Reading and writing HFS (not HFS+) is already included in current 2.1
kernels and will be in 2.2 when it is ready.

Joe Pranevich

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