Re: Can't set UltraDMA mode 2 on Quantum Fireball SE

Don Fisher (
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 08:31:41 -0700

mlord wrote:
> snip
> Mmm.. The Linux IDE driver doesn't care how big the disk is,
> although apparently the drive reporting mechanism got changed
> for units bigger than 8GB (known problem, known solution, no time).

I have a new maxtor 8.4GB UDMA drive (88400D8) on an ASUS
TXP4 mothboard. The disk is twice as slow under udma as it
is under pio. From a fresh boot (so there is nothing in the
caache I hope) it takes 16 seconds to start emacs under
udma, and 8 seconds for the same operation using pio. My
laptop, which also uses pio, also starts in 8 seconds.

Shouldn't udma be faster? And what is broken for drives
greater than 8GB?


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