Re: Full duplex sound?

Eric Princen (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 13:50:17 -0700

>> Is this a reasonable desire to make linux kernel sound driver full

From: Thomas Sailer <>
> It is already for CS423x (x >= 2) cards. It isn't for SB16
> due to their braindead hardware (i.e. you can only operate
> 1 direction in 16bit mode)

Do we have a list of what is supported on which cards? I don't use sound at
all at the moment because I have "braindead hardward". I'd like to get
something that I can do full duplex, provides some high quality audio, MIDI,
and is well supported (so I can get rid of my old analog 4-track recorder.)
Is there such a beastie? I'll take an RTFM if you point me to the M that I
have overlooked, TYVM. I'll also take responses in private e-mail so we can
preserve bandwidth for GGI rants. :-) (1 vote for trying it out in 2.3/5
(when EvStack is ready) as a config option if possible. Darwin was right.)

-Eric ;-)

Eric Princen
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