unaligned traps in ipx symbols / PC164sx / 2.0.32p from RHL 5.0

Randy Dees (rrd@amherst.com)
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 15:49:28 -0500

Kernel gurus:

I am having trouble with my alpha clone running RHL 5.0 / 2.0.32
patched with alpha-patch-2.0.32-01.

If I configure the kernel with ipx, I get unaligned traps at various
addresses depending on what else I put into the kernel.

Aside from the constant messages about unaligned traps to the console, the
alpha appears to be stable.

With the current build, the addresses are fffffc0000386978 and

Here is the output from nm vmlinux | sort around the affected addresses.

fffffc0000386748 t ipx_accept
fffffc0000386750 t ipx_accept..ng
fffffc0000386790 t ipx_getname
fffffc0000386798 t ipx_getname..ng
fffffc0000386908 T ipx_rcv
fffffc0000386910 t ipx_rcv..ng
fffffc0000386a80 t ipx_sendmsg
fffffc0000386a88 t ipx_sendmsg..ng
fffffc0000386c58 t ipx_recvmsg
fffffc0000386c60 t ipx_recvmsg..ng
fffffc0000386ed0 t ipx_shutdown
fffffc0000386ed0 t ipx_shutdown..ng

This looks to me like ipx is the culprit, so I am now rebuilding the kernel
without ipx support. Is this the right way to find the culprit? Is there
anything I can do to fix the problem? It would definitely be useful to
have ipx support on this machine, but I can live without it if I must.

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