Re: Emacs/fvwm trouble w/ 2.1.86-88 (SMP problem)
Tue, 24 Feb 98 10:22:18 -0500

It this the wait_on_inode problem?? I have a (Mylex) Buslogic 958 so
my problem is not the Adaptec driver. :)

> On Mon, 23 Feb 1998 wrote:
> > Is anyone else have trouble running emacs and fvwm under linux
> > 2.1.86,87, & 88? They all run fine for me under 2.1.78. There's no
> > error messages, they just hang.
> >
> > Dual PPro/200 (SMP problem?, I added the pirq= line.)

> Can't be a glibc problem, and a compiler problem is unlikely. Both work
> for me (K6/233, 64 MB RAM, pgcc-2.91.09, glibc-2.0.6).
> I'd suspect a SMP problem.

I agree! The 2.1.88 kernel runs fine on my (K6/225, 96MB RAM,
egcs-1.0.1, glibc-2.0.6). Ok when did SMP break? Does anyone
else have a problem?

Rick Niles.

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