Re: PnP in 2.2

Pavel Machek (
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 13:38:26 +0100


> Nope, Funny thing, plag-n-pray hasn't bothered me yet, but then, tha's
> perhaps because of my shopping-strategy? What would be cool for the
> official kernel ASAP (==2.2?):
> *) ext2 ACLs
> *) ext2 compression (a safe one)

I would like this one.

> *) ext2 successor: log based, with all interesting features (fsck'ing 7GB
> sucks)
> *) a better NFS implementation.
> *) Swap-over-NFS.

Really hard to be done properly. There's alternative: Swapping over
network block device. Unfortunately requires ugly patch to TCP
layer. (This is not going to be in official kernel.)

> *) TCP based NFS? (v3 was that one, right?)
> *) GGI?
> compared to these wishes, PnP in the kernel is just unimportant.
> (I'd also be very reluctant to let any software decide resource allocation
> problems, I'm seeing what a mess even modern BIOSes are in this
> area.)

PnP really should be in kernel. (Well, no problem for me. My vlbus 486
is probably not going to have PnP problems anytime soon.). PnP is
about hardware, and when something is about hardware, it's kernel


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