Re: PnP in 2.2

Alan Cox (
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 13:22:29 +0000 (GMT)

> perhaps because of my shopping-strategy? What would be cool for the
> official kernel ASAP (==2.2?):

Try 2.4 for some of those

> *) ext2 successor: log based, with all interesting features (fsck'ing 7GB
> sucks)

Someone is working a bit on this.

> *) a better NFS implementation.

In progress.

> *) Swap-over-NFS.

Patches exist but they need a vm guru to verify their correctness before
they can go in the main tree. In the mean time they are just sitting waiting

> *) TCP based NFS? (v3 was that one, right?)

You can do NFSv2 over TCP as well - NFS runs over RPC and RPC is specified
for TCP, UDP and other transports.

> PnP better? It's even not that critical, because it's only ISA-PnP: So
> nowadays it's rather unusual that somebody has his root fs on SCSI disc
> connected to a ISA Plug-n-Pray SCSI controller, right?

ISApnp can't solve all the problems

> Anything not needed for mounting the rootfs can easily be done from the
> userland tools, right?

Not resource arbitration and reassignment. Picking a suitable initial
assignment maybe