Re: Solution to my NFS problems?

Bill Hawes (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 09:16:24 -0500 wrote:

> In pure, blind desperation, I tried aimlessly fiddling with the mount
> options for Solaris. Yes, I know, the client should adapt to the
> server, so specifying things like vers=2 or proto=udp will have no
> effect. Lots of people told me so.
> Well, it did have an effect. One happy user reports an application's
> running time reduced from twenty to four minutes, the error messages are
> all gone, and my dd of zeroes complete in twenty-something seconds
> instead of twenty-something minutes.
> I've no idea why it works, if anybody is interested in debugging
> information, let me know what I need to provide.

It would be very helpful if this sort of experience could be added to
the Linux NFS docs or a suitable HOWTO. Different servers do seem to
require tweaking and workarounds for problems.

If you could look through the existing NFS-related docs and add your
findings that would help avoid trouble in the future.