Solution to my NFS problems?
17 Dec 1997 11:49:16 +0100

As you all will have noticed, I've spent quite a bit of time and effort
lately, trying to delve into the intricacies of NFS with a Solaris
client and Linux 2.0.32 server.

Finally, after countless hours in front of the screen, perusing cryptic
tcpdumps and obscure documentation, it seems the problem has finally
been solved.

In pure, blind desperation, I tried aimlessly fiddling with the mount
options for Solaris. Yes, I know, the client should adapt to the
server, so specifying things like vers=2 or proto=udp will have no
effect. Lots of people told me so.

Well, it did have an effect. One happy user reports an application's
running time reduced from twenty to four minutes, the error messages are
all gone, and my dd of zeroes complete in twenty-something seconds
instead of twenty-something minutes.

I've no idea why it works, if anybody is interested in debugging
information, let me know what I need to provide.

Thanks to all that helped me out!


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