Low Memory Systems...

Chris Wedgwood (chris@f00f.org)
Tue, 25 Nov 1997 09:02:41 +1300

Amongst this talk of low memory systems....

I just had to setup a no-brainer box to do packet routing and masquerading.
I'm using a 386sx/16 with 4MB of ram, 212MB of HD though - a real speed

Now... I was going to use 1.2.13 but I couldn't find an easy to use small
foot-print distribution and ended up using the current Debian.

Does anyone maintain a distribution suitable for installation into
paper-weights ?

A prefer a distribution if possible, that way if something goes wrong
someone can fix it rather than having to bother me about it every time.
Also, its got 4MB of ram so my usually single boot disk just isn't going to

Oh, will there ever be a 1.2.14? There are plenty of patches now to 1.2.13
and it does use about 300-300k less in a typical kernel than 2.0.32 when
stripped right down. Alternatively - anyone know a good place to start
ripping stuff out of 2.0.32? (I _need_ to keep proc though...)