Re: SMP 2.1.65 drifting time

H. Peter Anvin (
23 Nov 1997 13:09:55 GMT

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By author: Martin Imrisek <>
In newsgroup:
> I think this has been discussed already, but I don't recall
> a solution, perhaps I missed it, so please bear with me.
> I'm using 2.1.65 on a dual Pentium Tyan Tomcat IV board and I am getting
> incredible drift in the system clock that adds up to about 1hr/day.
> Is there a patch or solution for this?

I can confirm that at least 2.1.62-smp will lose enormous amounts of
timer ticks (I had it lose 20% for a short stretch) when under intense
mostly disk I/O load. I suspect it has to do with dcache pruning, but
I don't know.


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