Re: FireGL 1000 Pro support

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Sat, 22 Nov 1997 00:03:06 -0500 (EST)

On Sat, 22 Nov 1997, Mikko Ala-Fossi wrote:

> [Which vendor do you mean here? 3Dlabs or Diamond Multimedia]

I'm not entirely sure, Right now, aiming to pass vendor as Diamond

> Is this *really* so? I guess Diamond or 3Dlabs really messed this one.
> What devices do other Permedia2 boards report?
> 0x104c has been registered to Texas Instruments (that means that
> TI paid money for it) and it would be very strange if linux claimed
> that it belongs to Diamond Multimedia.

It may be strange, but it's a workaround. The FireGL 1000 Pro uses the
Permedia2 chipset, and for some reason, Linux sees the TI RAMDAC.

> Old FireGL1000 reports two devices 3Dlabs Delta and 3Dlabs Permedia
> correctly registered with 0x3d3d,0x0003 and 0x3d3d,0x0004.
> So is TI RAMDAC the only pci-device FireGL1000 Pro reports?


> I think linux should show exactly same pci-devices that board reported
> and not make assumptions on which board they are on. That same TI RAMDAC
> may well be on other boards too.

Perhaps, but it's not seeing anything but the RAMDAC, which appears to be
the source of some serious problems with X. It tries "generic" chipset
when it cannot find the Vendor/Chipset from the PCI information, thusly
causing the card to be initialized incorrectly, so, I get stuck with it
detecting 64k of memory, and 320x200 resolution. ;P

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