2.0.32 kernel not working with modem

Sam (spillar@cln.etc.bc.ca)
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 20:10:17 -0800 (PST)

I am just writting about a problem with the new 2.0.32 kernel. I *was*
running kernel ver. 2.0.30 with the slackware distribution and everything
was working just great. After compiling and installing 2.0.32 several
times..each time trying different configurations. I gave up and went back
to 2.0.30. The problem is with the modem. I have a laptop and (obviously)
am using PCMCIA modems, the new kernel will not recognize the modems...I can
not use PPP nor can I even talk to the modem in minicom or any other modem
dialers. I included everything to do with PCMCIA and removable IDE
interfaces in the configuration and tried many different combonations...also
getting help from many people on IRC...nothing worked. I tried 2 modems.
One being a Simple Technologies Communicator 33.6 and the other a Megahertz
ethernet/modem card model number XJEM3288. Both of them failed. I am not
sure if it is just THOSE modems or if there is something wrong with this
kernel for support with PCMCIA modems or if it is just my computer that
doesn't like 2.0.32. In any event, I will try other modems and report the
results here. If ANYONE out there can help me get 2.0.32 up and running I
would be *very* greatfull, and I *AM* just a beginner with linux so don't
assume that I have done something that is obvious to fix the
problem....PLEASE email me at spillar@cln.etc.bc.ca if you can help me at
all. Thank you...