Re: Linux Stability & cold.system

Vagn Scott (vagn@IDT.NET)
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 03:31:29 -0500 wrote:

> I agree that a good test suite for testing generic filesystem
> implementation is sorely needed. Anyone looking for a good project
> which doesn't require much in the way of kernel internals? It would be
> great way to get someone who's interested in getting more deeply
> involved with the kernel started....
> I can point out two good starting points. First, check out the NIST
> Posix Test Compliance Suite (PCTS) for those sections which are related
> to the filesystem --- this is a good place to check for correctness,
> although some of the more exotic filesystems simply aren't POSIX
> compliant, and there won't be much that can be done about that.
> The other place to look as a starting point would be filesystem
> benchmarks, since they tend to try to stress the filesystem.
> Other than that, it simply requires someone with an evil mind, to test
> out certain cases and make sure nothing unusual happens

Actually, it takes three things:
- a specification
- some documentation
- an evil mind
Apply evil mind to the demonstration of just how many
ways the item under test fails to live up to the promises
made in the spec and doc.

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