Config vt typo?

Jan Nieuwenhuizen (
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 09:30:29 +0100


Well, this is really a zero-knowledge patch, but i'm sending it
anyway to clear my conscience. Speculations about how long the
'blindly following advice' attitude kept me from seeing the new
kernel actually boot please not to this list.



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diff -urN linux-2.1.65/Documentation/ linux/Documentation/
--- linux-2.1.65/Documentation/ Wed Nov 19 11:05:22 1997
+++ linux/Documentation/ Wed Nov 19 11:03:56 1997
@@ -4688,7 +4688,7 @@
device /dev/tty which corresponds to the virtual terminal you have
visible on your display. You should say N here only if you have some
other console device, in which case you probably want to say Y to
- "Console on serial port", below. If unsure, say N.
+ "Console on serial port", below. If unsure, say Y.

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