Re: 2.1.64 strange ext2 error when removing directory...

Bill Hawes (
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 12:44:31 -0500

Peter McLachlan wrote:
> Shortly after I installed 2.1.64 I deleted a number of directories. Every
> time I removed one I recieved the following message:
> Nov 16 01:19:20 unixcorn kernel: ext2_rmdir: d_count=19, pruning
> or something similar:
> Nov 16 01:22:49 unixcorn kernel: ext2_rmdir: d_count=13, pruning
> Nov 16 01:22:49 unixcorn kernel: ext2_rmdir: d_count=21, pruning
> Nov 16 01:23:24 unixcorn kernel: ext2_rmdir: d_count=16, pruning
> I dropped to single user and ran e2fsck -f, and my drive came up clean.
> I'm running a 4.3GB EIDE IBM hard disk.
> I've booted into 2.1.64 again today, and have had no re-occurance of this
> message. Any ideas what caused it? It seems to have dissapeared...

The ext2_rmdir messages are harmless -- it's just new code being used to
prune child dentries before deleting the directory. The printk can be
commented out.