2.1.64 strange ext2 error when removing directory...

Peter McLachlan (pmclachl@overseer.viknet.lakefieldcs.on.ca)
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 12:26:07 -0500 (EST)

Shortly after I installed 2.1.64 I deleted a number of directories. Every
time I removed one I recieved the following message:
Nov 16 01:19:20 unixcorn kernel: ext2_rmdir: d_count=19, pruning
or something similar:
Nov 16 01:22:49 unixcorn kernel: ext2_rmdir: d_count=13, pruning
Nov 16 01:22:49 unixcorn kernel: ext2_rmdir: d_count=21, pruning
Nov 16 01:23:24 unixcorn kernel: ext2_rmdir: d_count=16, pruning
I dropped to single user and ran e2fsck -f, and my drive came up clean.
I'm running a 4.3GB EIDE IBM hard disk.
I've booted into 2.1.64 again today, and have had no re-occurance of this
message. Any ideas what caused it? It seems to have dissapeared...

Also, when running 2.0.31 (without any patches...) I got the following
Nov 14 23:18:12 unixcorn kernel: Inode i_mmap ring corrupted
The message repeated 50 or so times during the copying of a large (100 meg
or so) file before I shutdown to single user mode and e2fsck'd the system.
In that case e2fsck did ask if I wanted to fix the summary information,
but it didn't list what was wrong when it did its passes.
Is this a known problem with 2.0.31? (I remember that there were some, I
just don't recall what they were... :/)

One final thing:
I like to run my console at 132x44. When I boot to 2.1.64 it doesn't
recognize vga=8 as a valid mode. It doesn't list 132x44 at all. When I
run 'scan' however it does, and lists it as mode 'b'. When I tried to
edit lilo to specify mode 'b' it wouldn't accept it claiming that it was
not a numeric value. Obviously it isn't, but how can I specify this mode
for boot up? (Unless I do 'scan' it won't accept 'b' as a valid mode even
when vga=ask.) I dual boot my machine so it would be helpful to have
a way to force it to take the 132x44 without me having to specify every
time. :)

My system: Dual Pentium Classic 166mhz processors, 430HX ASUS P65UP5
motherboard, 4MB ATI Expert@play graphics card.

Thanks for your help,
Peter McLachlan

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